It’s been H-O-T here in Phoenix, AZ so I spend much time as possible in my pool!


On Sunday morning I went to a local sporting event – a triathlon – to shoot for fun! I posted a VLOG, where I talked about this cool dude that I saw and I also posted a photo galleryon Facebook of some of the other pics I took while I was wandering around. Another exciting thing I did was get my second tattoo removal treatment. You can see my VLOG about it here.


I added videos to a post from last week – Experiments in the Forest. I was experimenting with different action shot techniques!



I received a new gadget – the Satechi Smart Trigger! It’s a wireless DSLR trigger that you use with your mobile device. I posted my review of the trigger but I’m still playing with it and I’ll be posting another video, where I actually use it in the studio.


Philosophy was still on my mind this week and I posted two more videos on this topic – the first one was called “SnapChick on the Image Versus the Process, Part 2”, and the third one was called “SnapChick Sticks It to the Critics, Part 3”. If you missed Part 1 from last week, it was called “Life, the Universe, and the Digital Age, Part 1”.


I gave you a video preview of my next photo shoot. It’s a new take on a shoot I did three years ago. I’ll be posting the new shoot and videos soon!



I’ve posted all sorts of photos on my Facebook page… From a SnapChick Rewind from two years ago – my Noir and Lace shoot – to a bunch of newly-scanned old photos. If you haven’t found me on Facebook, here’s a link.



And for those of you that prefer to watch your recap…

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