This week…
I gave you a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Framing Sunrise, featuring SnapChick and Eye-Fi Mobi.
I answered a VIP Question of the Day – I talked about getting good models into your studio.
I posted a few VLOGs, including one about my new iPhone car mount.
I also went on a shopping trip to experiment with new cameras. I posted a VLOG about it here. Then, I showed you my new purchase later in the week!
The SnapChick Friday Morning Rewind was from the first shoot I did in the studio with my Nikon D800.
I posted a Question of the Day where I talked about what lens to buy first after you get your first Canon DSLR kit. For you Nikon users, I answered this question last year. You can see the video here.
Some other things I did this week are… played Animal Crossing, repaired some pool equipment, and I had a boy into the SnapChick Studio! After all that, my home’s air conditioning went out and my website’s data host had issues! Everything is back in working order but what a week! On to the future…
It’s First Sunday this weekend! You can find out about my First Sunday Challenge here.
I’ve got lots and tons of work to do this week too! Two photo shoots to edit and several videos in the works! You can hear about all of that as I finish it by following me on Facebook here.
And you can see me talking through this recap of the week here…

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