As you may know, I was at Disneyland for a few days this week! With all the activity, I didn’t film a video recapping the week but I did get some other videos and things posted…

It was First Sunday last weekend! I posted a gallery and a video where I talked about my photos.
I talked about the artist’s process of showing their work after I read an article about it in ArtNews magazine. In the video, I told you guys about my process and asked you about what your process looks like.
A answered a couple of questions in videos this week. One was about my Halloween-costumed shoot this year. You can find some of my past Halloween shoots here and here. The other was for VIPs only and was about common misconceptions about photography gear.
I posted the latest in my You Are The Artist series. This one was about European Impressionism.

The SnapChick Friday Morning Rewind was from my first shoot with Janae. We did some outdoor shots and some simple studio shots as well.

I posted a bunch of random photos on Facebook too… My newest lens – it is the 6.7-13 for my V1s. I posted a few photos from Disneyland as well, like me with Mickey and me in my Halloween party costume!
Lots going on next week… I’ll be posting a follow-up to the You Are the Artist video I did on Impressionism, where I show you my take on the subject and other viewers’ interpretations. I have a couple gadget reviews in the works too! I will be doing the next video in my lighting series soon. And I’ll have more photos from my Disney adventure to share too! Follow me on Facebook to hear all about it!

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