It was First Sunday last weekend! I shared my photos from the park!
I created an online print store using Zenfolio! I showed you how I did and and why I chose Zenfolio in this video. You can find my print store here! If you decide to set up an online portfolio with Zenfolio, be sure to use my offer code so you get 10% off your subscription price! The code is: KQZ-CEU-PGE
I posted a huge Question and Answer video! In fact, it was the biggest Q&A video ever! I got so many great questions that I decided to post an additional Q&A on my BLOG.
VIPs got an update and a huge thank you in an exclusive video.
The SnapChick Friday Morning Rewind was from a few years ago – from a Valentine’s Day shoot!
I posted VLOGs of behind-the-scenes footage from my latest adventure in making a couple Field Trip videos! You can find them here and here.
I posted a bunch of photos on Facebook, including a gallery from South Coyote Buttes in Arizona!
You can follow me on Facebook to keep up with the me but you can get sneak peek at what I’m working on in the video below…

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