VIP’s – this is the video you have been asking for!
It’s time again for the weekly VIP Show. Raymond and I talk candidly about what worked and what didn’t in the first episode. In addition to the VIP Mailbag (Fireworks!) and my favorite art book, Raymond and I walk through our entire “Three Techniques for Creating Great Photos in a Makeshift Studio” photo shoot, with a comprehensive review of the planning process, the shoot itself, and then the creative choices made for editing.
Here’s a listing of contents…
Intro at 0:00
Telephoto Nature & Landscape Photography at 4:18
My Favorite Art Book at 7:28
Behind-the-Scenes Discussion of the Makeshift Studio Shoot at 12:31
VIP Mail – Fireworks – at 43:53
VIP’s, login to see us discuss these topics, including my plans for the next two weeks.

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