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I’m excited! A couple of months ago, I started writing down everything that I did with this site, the Facebook page, the VIP area, the YouTube videos, and everything else! What started as some notes turned into an ebook, and I am sharing it with everyone!

So many people have written to me, saying, “I love what you are doing! I would like to do something similar to have fun and maybe make some money.” In this book, I talk about everything that I tried, including the things that work and the ones that did not. I hit every subject, with an emphasis on how I handle the VIP program, and everything that powers it!

In short, the book is the entire history and income drivers behind the “SnapChick Universe.” The techniques I describe in Memberture can be used to help you monetize your own passion!

Your purchase of Memberture at is for a PDF file, which can be used on PC/Mac/Linux and a variety of devices and e-readers. Kindle users also can find Memberture at

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