Nikon V1

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Additional Videos

Nikon V1 vs Nikon D3100 DEATHMATCH

Nikon V1 First Impressions

FT1 Adapter – Use F-Mount Lenses with your V1


SnapChick’s Product Overview

Compact, lightweight, and fast. The V1 has speed and handling which rivals Nikon’s top DSLRs. The V1 delivers top quality and quickness at an entry level price. The CX sensor allows for a lightweight body with compact lenses. Expect DSLR results with a camera no larger than most compacts. The V1 outclasses current DSLR cameras in video capabilities and frames-per-second as high as 60 fps! My favorite accessories for the Nikon V1 are the SB-N5 Speedlight and the FT1 F-Mount Lens Adapter.


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Nikon V1 in Action


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