Hi! If you have been following my blog and videos lately, you know that I have been dabbling a bit in Green Screen using some fine products furnished by Backdrop Express!

One of the products of theirs I have been working with is a roll of their Tech Green seamless paper,,,

I really like this paper, so I made a video about it!

From a photography perspective, shooting with the Tech Green, when desiring a green-screen effect is much like shooting with a white backdrop – in other words, you want to illuminate the backdrop evenly using some background lights. For still photography, I have been using my trust SB-800’s sitting atop inexpensive tripods for this purpose. The results are stellar! And I am easily able to use the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop to quickly create a mask, knock out the background, and replace it with the background of my choice. You don’t need Photoshop to do this – there are other software packages which will allow you to quickly select and remove the green portions of the image… my personal preference is Photoshop.

One of the reasons that I really enjoy working with seamless paper is that it is always fresh, unwrinkled and ready to go. When it isn’t, you can unroll a bit more, cut off the older portion, and you have a fresh, new, ready-to-go backdrop. I especially like roll paper now that I have hard floors in my studio, so that I can have talent wear heels on the paper without punching holes in it!

For video, I prefer to use the collapsible green backdrop. The collapsible backdrop is blue/green reversible and is easily evenly illuminated, even with my hardware-store halogen lights. That is to say that using the collapsible backdrop, in concert with iMovie, I was able to have the automated green-screen feature in iMovie work a little better. I also like the flexibility / portability of the collapsible backdrop in the field. That being said, my backdrop stand lives in my studio, so I always have the Tech Green roll paper available to me in an instant!

I am very happy with both the seamless Tech Green paper and the collapsible blue/green backdrop. Stay tuned to my site and my YouTube channel for my latest green-screen work! I am learning more every day and, like always, I will share everything I learn with you!!! Thanks again to Backdrop Express!

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