Sandra came over to my studio on Sunday to work with me on a project… the project is taking too long (don’t all projects take too long?), but we took a giant leap forward, thanks to her great looks and variety of outfits!!!

Here’s the video where we talk about the shoot. VIP’s see down below in your section of the post for the super-extended-behind-the-scenes cut!!!

The project that I am working on is a book that will illustrate 20 unique portraits – and it will contain a precise lighting diagram and instructions for each. After each of the eight scenes from the shoot was complete, we took tedious measurements and noted all lighting and camera settings. There is much more to come regarding this project. There will be shots of Sandra, some never-before-seen shots of SnapChick 🙂 and one other model. My goal is to make an alluring book that will inspire photographers and models alike! The instructions in the book will get you on the ‘fast track’ to deriving your own portraits from the examples.

Here are two “rough cut” sample images from the shoot… These might not be the final images used for the book, but they represent a couple of the scenes that we shot. There were minor contrast enhancements in PS… D300s, 17-55mm DX…

VIP’s you get two more images of Sandra in different scenes. Also, you get all of the behind-the-scenes footage, over 14 minutes total. This video runs long, but MANY of you have been asking about the behind the scenes work and discussions that go in to my shoots. BUT, if you don’t want to see two girls talking about clothes quite a bit, you might want to fast-forward a little! There are also clips of our interactions while I’m taking pictures.


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